SACRED SCENT – Liquid Light

L. Angels

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SACRED SCENT – Liquid Light
This magical mix of Shamanic essences will elevate your soul and energetically clear and cleanse your sacred spaces. Perfect for generously spritzing over your bed sheets before going to sleep, or spraying all over your body or above your head, for a sacred cleansing shower of golden light.

White Sage, Desert Sage Brush, Silver Fir, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Copal, Cedar

Paula Ferraro is an alchemist, musician, and the founder of Scents of Awe. For L.Angels she has created exclusively high vibe scents, that assist in your individual process of connecting with your intuition. These unique blends draw from the lifeblood of nature; they focus on awakening your chakras to stimulate and support according to your specific needs, and nurture your connection to the inner guide within your soul. Luxurious, organic, natural and lovingly formulated by hand in California.